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The Bride Of Osiris

'Bride Of Osiris'

The High Priestess
Letter Gimel
And Birth of Sphere of the Moon in the Universe.

 Magister Templi

Love, is the BEAST,
And Mind is EGO
SuperEgo, is the PRIEST

Osiris, is the HGA.

He is a Priest of Time and Space, A beast of Nature,
A Beast of Time and Space, A High Priest of Nature

People are so beautiful, when you see the Macrocosm of Great Perfection, rather than the microcosm illusion, of 'Flaw'.
  Love manifests in the mind as PAX AETERNA, eternal Peace. Imperfections, are the dis-ease of the Mind, Nature is Perfect, and we are Children of Nature.
I like the marriage of Beauty and the Beast, a story which derived from Eros and Psyche....that Psyche had become convinced Eros was some kind of monster, a beast. Psyche needed to see the face of Eros. Psyche is EGO, Eros is ID. Sometimes, the thing we fear the most, is Love. And the Psyche, Ego, has all kinds of fears, illusions. And Eros, Id, the great Lover, is a beauty deeper than surface- 'Bind Love', Eros is nature, and instincts.
Ego serves desire, it fears real Love.
Real Love, is Universal. It is Reality itself.

Our Chakras wed with the entire Universe- a Music of The Spheres, Microcosm, wed with Macrocosm.
The Planets within, aligned to a beautiful Symphony of the entire Universe. The Particles of all existence, marry with ours.

Kundalini awakening manifests itself in a condition I call Hyper- Awareness. You experience a sequence of consistent coincidences, which become more and more frequent, until they are meta- coincidence, well beyond coincidence, and your rationality, cannot keep fighting this new level of awareness, that things are indeed beyond coincidence. They become more and more of the bigger picture, the macrocosm, until the reality you had perceived previously, is no longer rational. It is a process of your old consciousness like a shell, cracking open so something much greater can be born.

Voltaire said 'What is Faith? Is it to believe that which is evident? No. It is Perfectly Evident to my mind that there exists a necessary, eternal, supreme, and intelligent being.. This is no matter of Faith, but of Reason".

 I am a Rationalist.

A Mantis, Praying.
Mantis is the Greek word for 

Torah, Logos, is forever LIVING and moving. It is not limited to books and scriptures of the past. That which is omnipresent, is not simply more holy because of its absence. 
Something Alive, living, present now, is just as holy, and we can all connect.
Prophets are Alive today, and have always existed. Great Leaders, Musicians.....people that influence the world with Love. 
Logos is multifaceted, multidimensional. 
And, Logos has a Shadow.


 White is the colour that comes after death. It is the colour of purity, and a soul that is washed clean, cleansed. The absolute Purity that comes after Putrefication, it is our soul re-born. That is why Bodies are wrapped in White, not for a mummy coming alive again in this world- but to lovingly prepare them for the next incarnation. Death is merciful, in the sense that it prepares us for New Life. Everything has its cycle. Alchemists experience a degree of this process while living. Its a metamorphosis of the Soul.

When I was grieving in Shock and suffering from Trauma when my Father committed Suicide suddenly, my Cat Hendrix jumped on my bed and lay on me Purring and purring, and she refused to leave. Her Purrs radiated Love and Warmth through my Body. She Mothered my Soul, just when I needed it.
A Cats Purrs are like the OM Mantra, they radiate ecstasy through the soul, they're very calming and healing.

I don't believe in Grey Areas. Its either Positive, or Negative. To have an in-between, is to settle for less than positive. Positive and Negative Energy is very clear and Precise. We accept whatever reality we affirm and create. 

Peace of Mind- allows for greater mental activity- mental fertility, hence why some of the worlds greatest thinkers- Einstien, Tesla, DaVinci Plato, etc were vegetarians or Vegans....Love manifest in the Mind, is Peace. Empathy and Compassion, is peace of mind. The mind thrives in Love. Imagine, Universal Love, for All of Life. How that manifests itself in the mind.

Ants. Social Structures.

(This piece is painted tiny, the picture doesn't have very precise definition)
My 'Light in Shining Amour'

And my Rhino and Eel.
I had a few dreams of Leviathan and Behemoth. (Book of Job) I danced with them. Sometimes, a sheep is in Wolves Clothing.
 I believe in the Infinite All, (very different than what I perceive to be a religious God.)  

Leviathan-the Eel, the Kundalini Snake,
Behemoth-The Rhino, is the Spine.

Sometimes we think we are the Hunter, when it is Us whom is Hunted.
The Snake, Lured into Kundalini awakening.

I discourage the use of drugs and alcohol, because they keep the consciousness comfortable in Slavery. They aren't conducive to its emancipation.

 Coming Back to Live, Kundalini Awakening
Emerging from the Abyss

 Hollow Shells. Like a Cathedral, God is just a hollow word, without LOVE.

Deus ex Machina, 
God in the Qlipoth, 

Deus Sive Nature
God in the Beasts, God in Nature

People are afraid of  the BEAST- but it is the Beast whom is afraid of them. The beast trembles, at the cruelty of man.The real Evil, is in the darker side of Man.
To live in reality of nature, all these magnificent creatures we share this existence, this universe with, is real magic, real ecstasy, real wonder and splendor of Life. Fantasy, is so dull in comparison. People have more affections, to fictional characters, than they do real living and breathing souls.
We can connect with a Pranic sea of Love- Enlightenment. Value of all Life, and existence, or we can remain Disconnected.

You cannot connect to Collective Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, when you are Violent, towards other Consciousness. You cannot connect, with that in which you are harmful towards. 

There is a difference between just 'being positive', and being conscious, aware of our environment, so that we are in the position to make positive change and contribution. Awareness is a certain Bliss, we can actually contribute positively, when we are awake and aware. Sobriety to reality, gives us real power, and only love is real power. The power to liberate.

Nauticalus Shell
Endoskeleton / Exoskeleton
Sequences, Padovan, Perrin, etc

I love Numbers, Maths, in terms of Dimensions.

Phi, has a Shadow. The darker side of Numbers, Formulas.

Death, is like looking at a caterpillar, and Grieving, that the Butterfly has left the building.

Wedding the Infinite

Viscera Piscies

The Desert Rose, Of Fertility, even in the Desert of the Abyss

Its a nice day for a.....Chymical Wedding
Beastess and High Priest

Song to Osiris

My Love! We are but natures BEASTS 
I am your Queen, your High Priestess, you are my King, My Priest!

Oh beautiful Osiris, You are my Orion, and I am your Sirius!
The Beast to my High Priestess!
The Priest to my Beastess!

For you! For You! My Love......for Me! We will nest in the Heavens of Eternity
A heart aflame and set Free
Constellations will paint Hieroglyphs of our Immortality
Our love Weds in Ecstasy

Our Hearts sing our truth,
The Bridegroom to my Soul, I am your Bride
Rising to Tipareth from the base of Malkuth
Our temple on Earth reaches the Divine

No Soul as resplendent as you,
Only Love, and only Light
No Ghosts of past, this love is New
You are the Morning to my Night

In your Lips, your exhale...a Universe
We intertwine exchanging breath 
A Trinity with Horus Birth
You are my Souls Magician- My ALEPH

For you I dissolve distances to any place,
Melt all the hours until infinite embrace
Together we are Masters of Time and Space

We will make a Home, between..... in the Heavens and on the Earth, 
Sharing in dreams and raising family in Mirth

Your eyes behold the Sun
In your heart a Child
Your Love is like the Morning Come
Gentle Priest, and a Beast, that's Wild!

He Is my Hierophant
A lover that is Keter-sent

He is a Priest of Time and Space, no FLASH in the PAN!
He is a beast of Nature! Like Lord PAN, in the FLESH!

With Osiris, these thistles in the Desert of the Abyss, are stars! Stars in the Paradise of His very existence!
I Will to Kiss Him! A Priestess of Time and Space, If only I could Master Patience!

Osiris is Natures Masterpiece....

John Miltons COMUS, is a great metaphor for Ego, Id and Superego.
The Beast -Comus, and beauty is the mind- 'The Lady'
The resolving factor is her Spirit- Virtues. SuperEgo.
A little like Platos 'Chariot Allegory', The EGO and ID will have conflicting directions, and the Supernal,God, SUPEREGO, acts as the Charioteer, guiding and resolving the needs of both.

The Base and the Crown, the Beast, and the High Priest. 

Sigmund Freud is a wealth of Genius.

 Heart, Body and Mind.

Bethe Lattice, wed with the Macrocosm, and are like constellations in the Heavens.
Wed with the Infinite All.

The Widow
The Fall
And the Prisons we Construct

Alchemically speaking, the seed for Gold, is already in the base lead. In the Crow, is the seed to become a pheonix. In Putrification, is the Seed of Purity, and in The blackest Saturnine night, is the seed of our dawn, the sunrise. At our darkest depths, we hold the beautiful seed of what is yet to come. Things are never what they seem, even in decay- is nourishment for future birth.

 I relate the word 'SALE' to the French word, meaning 'Dirty', its a good way to associate it with something very un-appealing.... All these things everywhere. When you have too many 'things', the mind can become too cluttered, you need to hear your heart over all of the superlatives. 
Money, is for Love, for dreams, for a nest-family, for comfort.
 But excess, is a prison. If Money isn't for LOVE, for FREEDOM, then, you will serve it like a slave. 
Slaves Serve, Masters Liberate.
 . When our heart is broken, from loss of a family member, etc.  You cannot buy anything, do anything, eat, drink anything.....all these things become so hollow and meaningless.
They only thing that heals a deep wound, is Love, a Love that is much greater than the Wound. 
You have to do in life what makes you feel alive and happy, no matter what any one thinks or judges- you have to define and create your own reality- reality is what you architect it to be....and you cant accept others limitations.
Money, for anything but Love, is slavery.
You can be rich in freedom, living up to your own happiness, rather than defined by social stigmas and vanities, and monetary expectations, slaving in a life you don't enjoy. 
Real Value is in Love and Freedom. 

If you cant right now, make money off what you love to do, save towards it, work towards it, do everything for it, build it, study it if you need to, and you are instantly emancipated. For you are mastering your destiny, and Freedom, rather than being a victim of circumstance. 

Like a bird sings, purely because it is its nature to be happy and sing, we need to live in accordance with our Nature, and do what makes us sing. Not build up prisons around our nature, so we cant hear our soul sing anymore

Our everyday choices are so powerful. Every time we enter a supermarket or shopping center, we engage, actively, in a process. When we purchase products tested on animals, we actively are participating in extremely graphic torture. This is reality. That is what you pay for, when you purchase animal tested beauty products. A horrific and very ugly industry, no beauty in it at all. And, what kind of chemicals-go into your body, the products are so toxic, they need to be tested? Either the body is a temple of LOVE, or a science experiment. Products that are Actually GOOD for you, don't need to be tested, at all.
Value, is paramount to Vanity. Having Value for life, and the consciousness of others, is emancipation.
It is so so easy to make these changes, even just little by little, each day, and it makes a HUGE difference, to the world, and other life. We are so powerful in our Choices.

Even an ant, shows great fear when its existence is threatened. They have the ability to show fear, love, and value life the way we do. It is a universal dance of life, we are all connected in. We should be merciful, to others, and the consciousness we all share. If I have tears rolling down my face- people know I'm upset. This is exactly how other life communicates to us. With non-verbal expression. We would be in great trouble, if we judged peoples intelligence on OUR ability to UNDERSTAND them. 
Evolution, is Love.

The Soul, has more value than the exterior. We need to see the Core, for all the hollow shells surrounding them.

Sometimes we can't see the Great Sea of Binah, for all the Thirst of the Desert of the Abyss

The Spine

The Vav is the Bridge, 
The Bridge between the heavens and the earth.
Vav is the nail, which connects the Heavens and the Earth, our Souls union with the Divine manifest on earth

The Two Spines, the merging of two Souls, ISIS and OSIRIS.

One must become a Master of Balance, aligning the Chakras to the the perfect flow of the Universe. We are wed with all of creation, and the Chakras resound with the splendor of the entirety of creation. 

The journey from the Abyss

The Valley of Pyramids is formed by Metatrons Cube.
A Unicursal Hexigram Aligns over the Heart and Womb. 
The Abraxas.

Alchemists Gold, the Soul.

The Moon is Born behind Isis,
This Opera is the Birth of the Moon.

Temple of ISIS

There is no 'Self', that is removed from Love. 

I eat therefore I am- a temple of Pranic Ecstasy. 
An Orchestra of Nutrients should be fed in to a temple of Great Love. 

Ovid describes the Head-dress of ISIS,
In the 'Metamorphoses'

My ISIS has a head-dress of Spine as her beastly connection to Nature
And it Weds above with the Universe, the Divine, the connection of ISIS to the Heavens.

She is Both High Priestess, and Beast-ess of Nature

Her Parents are NUIT and GEB, the Goddess of the Heavens, and God of the Earth
Like a A Rex Mundi, and Regina Caeli; King of the Earth, and Queen of the Heavens.

Above ISIS in her Connection to the Divine
Are the phases of the Moon, Waxing to Waning- the Widow, to Bride.

From the Right, the Widow, Grief
then Divine Intervention, Pax Aeterna
To the Bride. Love. Lux Aeterna.

The Heavens- the Universe connected to the Spine, and the Glass Pyramid- The Louvre

Constellations of the Great Hare, and the Wolf.
Sometimes the Agnus Dei hides in the Wolves Clothing, the Lupus Clothing, or, the Beasts Clothing.
Lupus- the Wolf, is THERION in Greek, the great Beast.

Run with Wolves, and learn to Howl at the Moon.

High Priestess of Infinite Time and Spac

Lepus the Hare
And Kundalini Snake, wed with the Infinite

The Orange Chakra- Sacral Chakra (creativity and sexuality), is beneath the Heart for a reason...because sexuality is ruled by the Heart. 

There is no Tantra like Great Love, everything else is hollow.

I, Like Crowley, leave my Gomel- Camels footprints on the Desert of the Abyss....

Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici
(I, by the way of Truth, while living, have conquered the entire Universe)

Depiction of the Magister Templi


High Priestess
Letter Gimel
The Moon

©  Sapphire Frater

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